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Wow Really

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Wow Really by Deegs

This work serves as a comical relief to running into trouble with the law. The paper I painted behind the character comes from cursive paper. Cursive paper reminds me of elementary school and practicing writing your name in cursive, a writing style typically used for signing important documents or in this case, maybe a jail release form.  The horizontal lines in the eyes of the Deegs character comes from the popular glasses Kanye wore in his 808 heartbreaks era. I'm sure getting arrested is heartbreaking to oneself and others. They resemble the pop culture ideals of stardom and limelight. Those styles of eyes on the character are partially blinding one from what matters most while still being able to see things that you selectively choose. Overall, the work serves as my way of reminding myself not to let this (getting arrested) happen. In a weird way I'm taking action to paint it into existence so I can observe, reflect and be reminded that is not what I want in reality.” -Deegs
Dimensions: H 18" x W 24"
Medium: Acrylic On Veneer, Custom Wood Pannel
Created: 2024

This work was created for the #SupplyxDemandDrop Art & Design Exhibition at Method Made SF.

Ships directly from San Francisco, California, USA.

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