Growing up in the Bay Area, "Deegs" aka Snort started writing in 2010, and has grown his presence in Bay Area graffiti culture since.

Influenced by skateboarding, trains, letters, illustration, comics, nostalgia, and streetwear - Deegs maintains his practice of graffiti & skateboarding while also stepping into branding & fine art culture producing his own branded clothing, fingerboards, & paintings.

The character, "Deegs" is Snort's unique personification of himself and his friends in a more reduced, comical, & cynical form. It represents a mirror of ego, individuality, and his wild, fun, loving personality. His work aims to inspire the youth to be uniquely creative, share vulnerable insecurities/ emotions, and challenge themselves to have the willpower to do difficult things & conquer their demons.

IG: @deegstv

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