Norio Fujikawa

Norio Fujikawa

Norio leads a double life.  By day, he is an industrial designer for a global studio. By night, or whenever he can find time, Norio channels his passion for scifi, robots, and anime into sketches, paintings, and digital creations.

Born in the U.S. to a first generation Japanese family, Norio was influenced by the clashes and similarities of both cultures. Growing up in bicultural environment, Norio benefited from being exposed to a rich combination of media and entertainment. Reading a comic book and watching classic SCIFI TV or movie one day and flipping through a manga and popping in an anime into the VCR (Beta) the next. Norio’s work covers a variety of styles. He likes to explore and enjoys the contrast of traditional and digital media.

But, whatever the final output is, it all starts with the initial sketch or drawing and that is where Norio finds the most enjoyment and fulfillment in his work.

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