Miss Teal

Teal is a Central California native leaving painty paw prints anywhere she can, flexing and stretching across the land. 

Inspiration comes from a raw deep space, expressing the emotions that are regularly not welcome or not so welcoming, but so real, giving a voice to the beasts that are often feared. Monsters are only made, and they make better friends than foes if given the light to shine. 

Her background began with copying comic books, developing an early superhero complex, and a vague ambition to save the world. Creativity is the superpower, to inspire and to heal, and the world needs both. The hunger to learn has driven her across the country and seas to study and practice art on the East Coast, Europe, and all over California, with plans to never stop. 

Fusing many different practices, her work has developed into a style dubbed ‘elemental surrealism’, depicting characters, wildlife, and figures in motion and emotion, both empathetic and fierce. 

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