Aker47 is a graffiti artist originally hailing from Washington DC and Virginia. He has left a path of destruction throughout the Bay Area over the last two decades and many places around the world. His signature and style is reflective of his lifestyle. His expressions are in his witty and crass not so witty messages touching on everything from sexual exploits, politically motivated themes, to song lyrics.

These themes transfer into his fine art works that mirror some of the motions and shapes of his street work. The iconography, color fields, paint application, and movement of his compositions give the viewer a unique sense of familiarity, curiosity, and inspiration.

His influences touch on a study of works by Philip Guston to a heavy influence by “Street Market” artists Stephen Powers and Todd James.

Aker47’s passion for music also shines through in his work as sometimes you feel like you’re looking at a snippet from an old punk or hardcore show flyer.

Whatever feeling or reference the viewer gets, one thing remains certain - this artist has put in a legacy of street work, and it is very interesting seeing how that history is now finding its way into fine art territories.

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