"I was inspired by the street art characters and graffiti in the San Francisco Mission in the late 90's. The freedom I was witnessing made me think of creating art on my own terms and with my own rules. That’s when I began to develop tribal masks. 

Most of my work falls into the category of Black Futurism, highlighting the play between ancient African patterns and elements of science fiction. One of my main characters, the Mechanical Mask, is a mix between 80’s Japanese toys and African masks. Others are based on a Science Fiction storyline, The tales of Idu. My art is known for bold line-work and the balance of contour lines and free flow form. My line play has been compared with the improvisation of jazz music.

Through the past decade, the line designs from the mask have escaped the boundaries of the character and have taken over the page in Abstracts. With line, form, design and balance taking the focus, the viewer is now moved by the story being told through tension. I developed a language in line weight, flow and visual culture sampling to move the viewer's eyes around a piece.” - Deadeyes, PTV

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