"Despite my mental health issues, fighting homelessness, and the constant struggles of living in the Bay Area, art has been an outlet for me to express and process emotion.

My hope for those who see my work on the street is that it creates a spark for the individual observer and can be a reflection of the culture I represent.

Being part of the culture now has helped me get through the tough times that I’ve been through - depression, the long walks at night, the cold, the anger - my art has helped me process everything. My art allowed me to keep pushing and make my way through tough times.

Sens is an exploited self because I’m also a spiritual person in tune with my senses, and to make sense of topics in general. Being able to meet people through the culture allowed me to be an advocate of what I have been through. Creativity has helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life and has created a sort of “diplomatic immunity” for me and has become more of a peer to those who are in struggles. I aspire to use art as a way to help others with mental health issues as well.”

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