Powerhouse Customs

"I've been doing art ever since I can remember. Growing up I never took it that seriously; it was always just something that carried me through my childhood. I didn't start applying myself to doing art consistently until the pandemic. As I grew older, I took lots of inspiration from graphic novels, movies, and the people around me. Cinematic stills have always inspired me because they could take a live moment and freeze it in time; I try to imitate that feeling in my art. I love to use vivid colors in all of my pieces. to emphasize the brightness of life. I've always liked watching how people move in the world. Everyone has a way of presenting themselves, and that as a concept has inspired so much of my art throughout the years. I chose to focus on wearable art in the last couple of years because a good outfit can change how someone feels about themselves, and I want everyone to feel like they are art all the time."

- Stav from Powerhouse Customs

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