Miguel Machuca

Miguel Machuca was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. He migrated to the United States at the age of 9 and spent most of his life in San Jose CA / Bay Area. Miguel is a self-taught artist and has always been attracted to the extreme, twisted, macabre, subject matters that can make you think for hours as you travel into a rabbit hole that has no end. He is mesmerized by the ancients and the cosmos. 

Miguel has two different styles, one style has vibrant colored shapes that speak of an ever changing soul. He believes every geometric shape he creates in a free-style form is his soul unraveling right before him. A reflection of the ancient and the influence of the great masters of cubism unlocking frequencies that inspire. His life’s challenges and tribulations have paved the way in giving him all the tools he needs to create figures from a point perspective that add lines that connect all life. An energy form. An "Ora", a spiritual force that each living thing carries.

"My inspiration for the abstract cubism work is “life” as it unfolds. Coming from a live art painting perspective at local art shows in San Jose and Bay Area. This was a great way to learn to lose myself in the sounds and movements of my environment. Plus it also taught me to push the envelope and to become one with the experience as I interacted with the public’s questions making the experience much more meaningful. Listening to the tones in people’s voices translated into colors, lines, layers, almost like a symphony.

My Cubism is no other than my Soul taking shape in many forms. Life is movement, it never stops expanding, never really stops just takes form into another shape. Sometimes it’s as easy as explaining that it becomes” Me “ transforming into geometrical forms. I like to believe that my connection to the universe sparks these visions. The feeling of balance becomes easier to embrace. Most of the time I let the lines and points of each piece lead me without questioning this flow and only to attempt to understand the “why” it took me there. Once I step back and gaze into the work, I realize its meaning and what represents in my life. This is a way my artwork talks to me, like a silent conversation between the self and the inner self."
- Miguel

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