Homer Jesus by Akira Beard & Guy

Homer Jesus by Akira Beard & Guy

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Homer Jesus, a collaborative painting by Akira Beard & Guy

"...One last example is ‘Homer Jesus’. Again, I use AI as a tool. And so here, my latest artwork is exploring ‘Outsider Art’. Outside art is a genre of art where individuals who exist outside the realms of cultural art, create art. They tend to have no formal training, no ambitions of being a professional artist or being an artist at all. It could be something like a high school science teacher who feels compelled to paint in the solitude of his home as a hobby, portraits of Taylor Swift. He doesn’t share this with anyone, and no posting on IG, because he doesn’t even think of himself as an artist. What I love about this kind of art is its sincerity. Because there is no external concern with selling work, creating for an audience, etc, a certain kind of honesty is reflected in the painting. The opposite of any pretense, which I often see in much of the artwork made by ‘artists’. And so myself, I can never be an Outsider. It would be like trying to become a child again. I can only act or pretend which. And so the closest I can come is through collaborating with those who are. Painting is a language, a visual one, and it can be an unspoken personal one as well in collaborating with another which I have experienced. And so with Homer Jesus, I asked a friend who is a lawyer, and although he loves music and creates it, he has zero experience with drawing/painting. Which is perfect. And so from intuition, I generated an image of Jesus in front of the American flag. So once again, though there are several images of Jesus on the internet, with AI I have created my own. And again, this being a tool, the reference is just a medium along with a paint and brush, where the artwork itself is the finished collaboration."

H 24" x W 18"
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas. 
Created: 2024

This work was created for the Light & Shadow Art Exhibition at Method Made SF.

Ships directly from San Francisco, California, USA.

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