Panther vs. The Pigs by Math1 PTV

Panther vs. The Pigs by Math1 PTV

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Panther vs. The Pigs by Math1 PTV

Medium: Acrylic paint pens on high-quality paper SF Muni Transit map.
Dimensions: 35" x 24"

Collaborative piece with Broke PTV, GATS PTV, Grow PTV, & schism GTOET.

"I almost got arrested when I got that. Someone busted the glass at a muni stop and I took the sign. The pigs tried to say that I did it all. I told them that I am a black panther (which isn’t far from the truth) and if they tried to arrest me it will start a war between pigs and panthers." - Math1 PTV

On display at Method Made SF for the "Lost & Found: Part I" Art Exhibition from December 9th to mid-January 2024.

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