Barbra by Apple
Barbra by Apple
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Barbra by Apple

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Barbra by Apple

Medium: Comic Zine
Dimensions: 8". x 5.5"

"Barbra is the artistic culmination of autism and schizophrenia, an intellectual masterpiece, and also my attempt to become self-aware through making quick-paced comics. She is my longest-going art project. The more I learn and grow artistically so does Barbra. She is the outlet I use when I am in a state of mental despair, every aspect of Barbra should be analyzed including the state of the artwork itself, to understand it. I believe that drawing comics, as a cartoonist, can put me in a higher state of consciousness, through the repetition of ideas, and reflecting on the subjects that are brought out within the repetition of creating comics. The medium of telling a story through illustration and words. The most bare and comprehensible expression of any concept, mixed with abstract art, artwork that can only be understood through analyzing bare concepts. ABSTRACT ART IS IMPORTANT! Do what you love, it is part of human evolution." - Apple

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