I Hope This Doesn’t Get Buffed

I Hope This Doesn’t Get Buffed

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I Hope This Doesn’t Get Buffed by Deegs

“Part of graffiti is the temporary timeline it has. It may stay up for years & decades or a couple days/ weeks. Another legal pad doodle painting showing the Deegs character considering the unknown nature & consequences of writing on walls that don't belong to you. The Deegs character's face is meant to carry an emoji related speculation & demeanor. The work is meant to be ironic because although the character is hoping something doesn't get buffed in the streets, he's saying it on a legal pad in an art-medium form. What are the chances your artwork is going to get buffed? Art to me is something that has much more potential to outlast me and my life, and that's what I hope for.” -Deegs
Dimensions: H 24" x W 20"
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Created: 2024

This work was created for the #SupplyxDemandDrop Art & Design Exhibition at Method Made SF.

Ships directly from San Francisco, California, USA.

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