Artist Life. Because Art Is Life.

Good Morning. Good Afternoon. & Good Night.

That's it, that's all. Our Social Distance Show will end in less than 18 hours.

Remy & I both share this heartfelt feeling of gratitude and love for so many of the people in our community that made our work possible. Yesterday we gave a shout out on our IG Story to some of the Method Makers we think ya'll should know.

Big special thanks to all of the artists that made our show possible.
Please follow them all below on IG:

Stefano Alcantara
Akira Beard
Basic Lee
Eye Gato
Rey Resurreccion
Jesse Berger
Ralph Trespass
Ratnest Sticker Co
Ratnest Podcast
Collected Bay
Method Made
Method Makers Podcast
Method Makers

So what's next?

Remy, Jessie, Whisket & I will be loading up @ambertheairstream up for some road tripping for a while as we develop our next big project with 

Follow our upcoming adventures with Amber The Airstream on Instagram

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